Simple and quickest way to cook Beans.

   As we all knew that beans is among the source and profound proteins among the six classes of food we have , sometimes been called ADEQUATE DIET.

Below are the six classes of food we have:

  1. Carbohydrate (source of energy).
  2. Protein(blood refill).
  3. Fatty and oily(smoothening).
  4. Vitamins(enhance the body system).
  5. Mineral salt(helps body system).
  6. Water(help all the body system).

     If you can follow all the steps in this article you will get knowledge on how to cook any types of beans either stone beans or gentle beans.
But first of all , lemme introduce you to different types of beans we have here in Nigeria.

check this out as you earn steadly
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  • Red beans(oloyin).
  • Reddrumbeans(resembled oloyin but stubborn).
Black and white beans(gentle and stubborn).
   Alright since you have been made known all the types of beans we have and also with their nicknames beside all of them,now is time to go for all the steps required to cook it.
  • Get the quantities you like to cook e.g 1-5 tin cups(optional).
  •  separate all the stubborn also any stones inside it
The image below will tell you :
This beans you are seeing has been separated.
  • Then light your fire(gas ,stove or wood).
  • Put your pot containing water boil it for just 2 minutes .
  • After done that, wash the separated beans twice then drop them inside the boiled water and make sure you cover it for almost 30 minutes.
  • Slice onions together after you might have washed it inside the pot.
  • After 45 minutes make a taste with your spoon to know the level of cooking to your desired mind it.
  • Grind your pepper( Ata rodo or local pepper).
  • Put it inside the cooked beans.
  • Add oil(palm oil or vegetable oil) optional.
  • cover the pot just 2 minutes so that the new ingredient added will go alongside with each other.
  • Then open the pot and turn it with your spoon.
The long awaited time has finally come ,now serve yourself and sit convefast way of cooking beansnient to enjoy the food...Bread, pap or white rice can go simultaneously with it.

Next hmmm! happy hour at last i.e all the intestine inside your body we be ready to welcome you.

N.B : some people do use potash to cook beans , the function of potash is to make it done with wink of an eyes 
Also some people are using nails to cook it as well just to fasten the time to cook it direct from this link

But my people all these thing have chemical composition ,what i mean is that reactions are taking place inside the beans which may likely damage body system.Please nothing like natural  ,Thanks see you soon.